What We Do

Automotive Services

On a day to day basis J&J completes a wide variety of automotive upholstery services. Our skilled technicians are savvy in pattern development, seat cover design, and upholstering interiors of both foreign and domestic automobiles. Services range from full custom interiors to OEM replacement of automobile interiors. While automotive upholstery services are our specialty, we also offer customers the same quality upholstery services for marine and motorcycle seating.

We Work With

Insurance Companies

J&J works side by side with insurances companies to handle claims on any vehicle with damaged upholstery. For instance if your convertible top were slashed, we would work directly with your insurance company to ensure a new top be replaced per your policy.

We Supply

Fleet Management

J&J also helps with supplying fleet management companies with new upholstery that may be needed in any of their trucks. We work together with various trucking outfitters in the Philadelphia area to ensure all their upholstery, headliners, and cab back walls are in top notch condition.