J&J Customization

Custom Interiors

Here at J&J we offer customers an unlimited selection of vinyl, leather, and cloth fabric swatches from our in-house library to aid in the selection of materials used for their custom interior.

J&J Customization

Custom Motorcycle Seating

At J&J we offer customers quality custom motorcycle seats. We use the highest quality materials to design a seat that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but gives maximum comfort as well.

I’ve Chosen My Fabric

What’s Next

After you’ve chosen the fabric that will be used for the interior of your vehicle, we use our state-of-the-art Autometrix machine that will design and cut the fabric precisely. Using the Autometrix, we can maximize our resources and minimize our waste incredibly efficiently.

What Does J&J Customize

  • Custom Designed Automobile Seating
  • Custom Marine Seating
  • Custom Motorcycle Seating
  • Custom Interior Carpeting
  • Custom Automobile Headliners
  • Custom Automobile Door Panels
  • Custom Embroidery Integrated into Seat, Backrest, or Headrest